What is a Prewire and should a Custom Installer do prewire instead of my contractor?

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A prewire is when you have someone install all of the necessary wiring and cabling for your Home Theater or Media Room system. This is typically done during home construction and before the walls are sheetrocked. Major mistakes in this step are often made that can adversely and dramatically affect your system. Specifically speaking, cables can make the sound and picture between 100 to 1000% better and between 100 to 1000% worse if chosen incorrectly. Correctly choosing cables and wiring make up one of the most critical elements of a good Home Theater or Media Room. One should understand that proper cabling can make the difference between hearing “Turn it down” to “Wow, that sounds great” at nearly any volume. When wiring is matched incorrectly to the gear, the system becomes unbalanced and is an uncomfortable experience for the viewer.

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